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This Album contains highly explosive raw funk and dance groves. It also contains some out of this world comedy plus some thought provoking music that can make you change your life. positive Get ready to be thoroughly entertained...Yes...Yes...


released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


PRENTISS Fort Worth, Texas

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i got a good woman, yes I do. Weve been together for a minute and it still feels so brand new. The way she loves me is one of a kind, from the things she does to my body from the tricks she plays with my mind.
Relaxing a home, Im enjoying Im enjoying my day, the house smells so good its got me so hungry, you see my woman knows how to cook and bake. Her food taste so good i just got to lick my plate.
(chorus) I like it and i love it and i cant get enough of it(repeat

You see whenever I have a stressful day, she makes her magic potion to message my stress away, You see my woman has got the magic touch
from the way she rubs my shouldes to the way she works my clutch
repeat chours:

her lovin is soo good its makes me wanna scream, I jump back and kiss myself cause im living a dream(reapeat 2 times)
(repeat chorus 2 times)
Track Name: VAMPIRE
The night times is the right time, my suit looks tight, my cape fights right, yes Im feeding on something tonight.

Girl tell me whats your name and why youre dancing on my thang cause everytime you shake it side to side, I feel a power that makes me wanna ride.
Girl you have no Idea who you messin with, I have you do things you never knew you would do so nasty so freaky, time for my guitar to make love to that baby(yes, Yes)
Youll be calling me six in the morning sayin..Im so hornin, can I come over please?...nOOO , now give me some horns.
Im Vampie baby i live thousands of years do you have any Idea the women Ive had here? Isis, nephretiti,cleopatra..ooow, Ive had helen, bethsheba, Ive had Marylin tooo.Im a Vampire baaby yeah, Im a Vampire gir, Listen Ive been around the world just doing my thang, no matter what continent its always the same, the ladies love me and they all know my name..there aint nothing like..Vampie baby, Vampie girl, and you can bring me a mirror, if you dare, you wont see my reflection and im standing right here, im looking so flybut my mission is clear now if you come to party throw your hands in the air, vampire baby, vampire girl.
Youre a fine sexy lady and when u move girl u drive me crazy, never seen a woman shake it like you do. Even though we just met girl im in love with you: you see I was just standing over here minding my own business, when i heard this sexy voice say come talke to me chorus) I didnt come her to talk i came her to party,the voice should of told you that i already got somebody.

well it dint tell me that, baby girl you makin a mistake, why settle for pork when you can have the steak, filet mignon baby, with fried chicken, mash potatoes,okra and collard greens, hot water cornbread eating in my limousine.(now thats ghetto)
Welcome to my limousine sometimes its freaky sometimes ts serene check out my plush italian leather seats, buit in messages from your head to your feet, were ridin in the city limits and what were doing aint nobodys business and i looking fly in my gator shoes(fresh of the swamp baby, and i cant loose with the stuff i use.
Girl I will show you things you never ever seen,(like what) from the rarest of diamonds to the rares of green,(i see) chase,cleveland,wilson all live with me and once your my woman you can get them for free. now lets go
(repeat chorus)
man makes the money money dont make the man
What do you see when you look at you? Do you see lies or do you see truth? Do you see what you were put here to do? Or are you living a lie someone elses truth? You should of played to win but you played to loose cause thats the only way that you see you but its time for you to breakthru. its time for you to go back in and decide this time your gonna win that know matter how long or short it takes youll keep on fightin till you catch your break youll put in the hours, youll put in the time, youll see the vision in your mind, remember youre one of a kind.
what do you see when you look at you? Do you see lies or do you see truth?, Its time for you to go back in and decide this time that you win..
Now how does it feel when you know its your turn? Do you feel anxious does your stomach churn?, Just close your eyes and visualize its a matter of time before success arise. This is what you were born to do now let that vision come out of you and remember only you can see it thru.
You gotta feel it deep inside this is your moment and you have arrived you gotta see it thru as only you can do its time for you to breakthru
Track Name: ITS OK
Its ok to love you, to want the best in life for you after all life puts us thru. And so what youve made mistakes you stand tall you stand straight, lesson learned it will be ok.
Time for you to win in life to live a life of paradise you know youve paid the price so go ahead and laugh sometimes, smile, relax, unwind, this is your life and this is your time.

its ok to love you to want the best in life for you after all life puts us thru,so what we all make mistakes but its time for us to celebrate to enjoy our live and make it great.
its ok.its ok. its ok. its ok.
Track Name: I LOVE YOU
When I think of you, I think about our future I see the two of us taking our wedding vows in front of a preacher, now this isnt just a line because you know me and you know I wouldnt waste my time, but girl I knw what I want and what I want is for you to be mine so are you ready to be loved like youve never been loved before? You see girl just when you think my loves on empty, ill turn on our love reservoir and give you more more and soo much more.

I love to make you laugh and I love to make you smile and when you put your lips on me, girl it drivee me wild. Lips are so soft and kisses are so sweet and those beautiful eyes of yours they just make weak.
Thats right baby, when I look into your eyes I see so much love, so much beauty as a matter of fact I see paradise.
Since life is a beach lets enjoy our sunny days and when the storms (the will come) come lets love them away, and like any realationship we have our good and we have our bad but we focus on lovin each other and thats why Im so glad I found you. Thats why Im so glad I found you...Im so glad.....I found you..
You know it feels so good to have someone who doesnt try to change me but only wants the best for me, a woman who wants to share in our love one who wants to share in our destiny